About the Simon Nache and Maria Sierra Reunion

Welcome to the Sierra Family Reunion Website.  We’ve add some great features and accessibility options so that everyone in the family can contribute.

For those who have stumbled here let me explain who we are.

In the late 1960’s the Quad City area family began to grow exponentially.  So much that the two families, the Terronez’s (or Terrones’) and the Sierra’s could no longer find a single place to meet. It was then decided to split the two family’s reunions into two separate weekends. The Terronez’s on the first Sunday of August, and the Sierra’s on the second Sunday.

Originally intended as a portal to help keep the massive annual reunion planning and communication open and available, we’ve opened it to all connected to the Sierra and Terronez Families.

The venue has changed a couple times over the years but the dates has always remained the same.