Happy Fathers Day – Sierra Family Reunion Update

20 jUNE 2021

Hello Sierra Families, I have some updates on the reunion;

Marcela Cervantes Sherman and father Carlos will continue to bring the menudo for Sunday morning of the reunion.

Kathleen (Casey) Hurd, will help with 50/50. We do need more volunteers because we would want to do this in shifts.

Rae Ann Butts, has been able to reserve Willow Springs for Wednesday August 4th from 3-8pm

Still looking for a hall for Bingo night which could be on a Thursday or Saturday night. One recommendation is American Legion in East Moline. 

Need someone to check if Hampton Pee Wee golf is available for August 6th

Windmill Restaurant will accommodate us for Saturday breakfast

Pinatas who will be in charge

Kids games?


We are looking for a new treasurer and assistant

To continue, this wonderful and memorial to our ancestors, with this Sierra family reunion it is absolutely essential that new younger leadership come forward. 

Any family member are welcome to the meeting

June 27th 2021 SIERRA FAMILY REUNION meeting

1:00pm at Ben Butterworth park East Moline,ll 

Bring your lawn chairs and refreshments

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