Sierra Family Reunion

Today is our 3rd day of the Sierra Family Reunion, remember this is the only night you can purchase your River Bandit Ticket from Peter Sierra at Empire Park in Hampton between the hours of 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.
Get your children ticket for Pee Wee Golf from Ramona Trout.
A SHOUT OUT to the 3rd generation, after the family reunion meeting on Sunday I would like us to meet in a certain area of the park, which will be determine on that day to take a group picture. My son-n-law Rich offered to take the picture. I have put myself in charge to gather us 3rd generation together.
Now if any of the other generations want a group picture Rich will take the picture but someone of that generation needs to take charge of getting their group together and position. Let me know your name or group if your willing to get your generation together for your group picture. Pictures will need to be taken before Volleyball tournament.
Thank you to all who are sharing their old and new photos, please continue and with new ones of this years reunion
Blessing to all

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