Minutes & Adgenda for Sierra Reunion Meeting 04/25/16

Reminder Sierra Reunion Meeting – April 25, 2016 Monday at Franks Pizzeria

2016 April 25thSIERRA FAMILY REUNION MEETING2015 October 20th


2016 SIERRA REUNION MEETING                                             April 25th 2016

At Franks Pizzeria in Silvis Ill, 6:00pm

Francisco Sierra is absentee Host, he will have raffle for those who attend.


  1. Opening prayer
  2. Sign in sheet
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Treasurer Report
  5. Committee’s for 2016 Reunion
  6. Wednesday – Willow Springs: Ramona Trout
  7. Thursday     –   No River Bandits game: recommendations
  8. Friday          –    Empire Park: Jerome & Jarred Reyes games

Will John and Carol S. Curtis continue to donate  food, utensil’s and plates for that evening?

Pee Wee Golf: Will Ramona Trout take charge?

Porta Pots will Stephanie make contact?

  1. Saturday     –    Golf Tournament: Jerome & Jarred Reyes

Breakfast: Has Peter Sierra talk to Jim Nelson

Cemetery Walk: Markers?

G.G. Fiesta Night: Merci Gomez says her family will continue to set-up food

Need someone to take care of auction items, raffles and 50/50, will Alex  continue to bringing sound equipment

Sunday        –    Breakfast, Softball, Lunch, Family Meeting, Activities

Equipment for volleyball, Line judges, set-up nets, lines and teams, Piñatas, Toni’s Corner raffles set-up, 50/50, food table set-up

  1. Old Business
  2. New Business
  3. Next Meeting Date Hosted by_____________Date__________Time____
  4. Closing Prayer

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