Family Reunion meeting date change/Treasurers Report/Help with minuets


Sierra Reunion Meeting  has change to Tuesday October 20, 2015 at Robert and Carol Neal home,

1220 – 8th Street CT Hampton, IL 61256 . Social time 5:30pm meeting 6:00pm.

I would like to have a pool of people who can take minuets at family reunion meetings and type it up; it’s a challenge when I chair the meetings and taking minuets. Please email me if you can be a part of this pool. I would like to have someone for the October 20th meeting.     Thanks

Angela Molina


TO:             Sierra family and Sierra Family Reunion Coordinating Committee

FROM:      Rachel and Pete, Family Treasurers

Date:          October 4, 2015  

RE: Expenses and monies raised at the Sierra Family Reunion activities 2015 and Next Sierra Family Reunion Coordinating Committee Meeting

We hope this finds you all well and that you are enjoying the changing of the seasons. Due to an unexpected trip later this week, the previous date set for the Reunion Coordinating Committee, October 13th no longer works. Angi, Pete and I propose postponing the meeting one week, to Tuesday, October 20, 2015. Frank’s daughter, Carol Neal graciously offered host the meeting. (She would have hosted the meeting on the 13th as well!) (Angi, I couldn’t find Carol’s address on the family web-site. Please include it in the reminder email)  Please arrive around 5:30 pm. The meeting will start at 6:00 PM. AND PLEASE come prepared to nominate and/or volunteer for key Reunion Committee positions. Chair and new Treasurer(s) are open. We would really like to encourage members of the next generation to step forward. When Pete and I were elected to serve as Treasurer, the committee decided that there should always be 2 treasurers, and that they should come from 2 different branches of the family. We now have templates for developing, balancing and reporting financial activities, so it wouldn’t belike starting from scratch. For those of you that were unable to attend any of the Reunion activities, this was the first year the Reunion Committee worked without G.G. and Sue’s involvement. I know I was nervous! I knew G.G. often took on tasks that no one else even thought of. G.G. and Sue’s kids did them proud! Little G.G. pitched in with of a lot of the physical set-up, as his father had done for years and years. Stephanie attended meetings faithfully and was often the first to volunteer for some task the committee needed accomplished! She, Michelle and Emilia made sure their family contributed a couple of amazing baskets for the Saturday night silent auction and raffle items for Sunday. G.G. and Sue let us all know they were smiling down on us on Friday night. You see, just as folks were getting the grills going and setting up their chairs in their special places, there was suddenly a huge downpour. Everyone rushed to the pavilion where folks ended up serving themselves and eating together. Then, just as the rain stopped and the sun came out, many of us saw a beautiful and vivid rainbow. A few minutes another rainbow appeared: G.G. and Sue winking their eye at us. Since the committee meetings don’t include every person on the family list serve, we thought some of the rest of you might be interested in how much money was expended, and how much was raised during the series of days having reunion activities, August 5 – August 9, 2015. The following is a brief summary. Those attending the Reunion Committee will receive a more detailed financial statement. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Due to a death in the family, we canceled the Sierra Family Trivia night, an event that has raised $600 – $800 a year in the last few years.
  2. This year G.G.’s kids donated an “Evening Out” package worth $500+. Raffle tickets were sold at $10.00 a ticket and $770.00 was raised. Lonzo Campos bought the winning raffle ticket. Also, Jean Saucedo offered as a raffle item a year’s worth of monthly home baked desserts. Jean’s son Luke had the winning ticket. He auctioned off the prize monthly desserts, raising an extra $157.00 from this auction. That means that $927 of the money raised at the Reunion events this year are one-year events. We can’t necessarily count on them every year.
  3. For the last three years Pete and I have been Co-treasurer, the reunion costs have been in the range of $2,000 and $2,250. In 2013, Reunion costs exceeded Reunion 2013 income by $36.79. In 2014, the Reunion spent $626.60 more than the income raised by Reunion activities. That year, the Family Trivia raised $529.00 (after expenses), so income and expenses almost balanced out when looking at the total year. This year there was no Family Trivia Night. However, there were donations from the Frank Sierra Family and the Camilo Sierra Family and some amazing donations for the various auctions and raffles. Toni’s Corner raised a whopping $754.00. Also, we did not rent tents or a golf cart, usually adding $350 worth of expenses. Sooooo, DRUM ROLL! The income raised at the Reunion exceeded Reunion costs by $1,460.37!
  4. Over the last couple of years we have assisted with funeral/funeral mass costs, twice, so our annual expenses are larger than just Reunion expenses. Since last year’s reunion we have used approximately $1,000 for these kind of expenses.

For those that prefer to see numbers:

   YEAR Reunion Related Income Reunion Related Expenses
   2013      $1,898.00        $1934.79       (-$     36.79)
     2014      $1,604.50        $2,231.10       (-$ 626.60)
     2015      $3,483.00        $2,022.63     (+$1,460.37)

As of August 12, 2015 the balance in the Sierra Family Reunion checking account is: $3,299.14. The only outstanding expense is to Mark Reyes, reimbursing him for buying the various trophies.


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