October 2014 Sierra Family Reunion Minutes. Tasks for Reunion 2015

Dear family members,


Here is hoping for a better 2015 for all of our family! Last year was really an especially hard year for all of us. We lost more than our fair share of family members and friends. Losing both G.G and his wife Sue left a huge hole, not just for our family but for the larger extended family and community. G.G was a force bigger than life and while he could be a real pain sometimes, he also worked hard to keep family connections strong and was incredibly generous with his time. He was ready and willing to do whatever was required to make the Family Reunion a success. (a couple of years ago, that meant G.G. cleaned out the port-a-potties Saturday night so they would be fresh for Sunday) We will miss G.G. and Sue tremendously…more than we can know right now.


The family reunion is a labor of love. Most of us just show up and enjoy as many of the activities as we want. We may not participate in all of the activities, but it is our choice. Most of us don’t recognize that it takes a lot of folks and a lot of hard work to make things run smoothly. Most of the members of the Committee have been working for years to plan and execute the Reunion. Some of us are getting old….


All that to say that we hope you will read the minutes of the last meeting and discuss among your family members if there is any interest among them to serve as Co-chair of the Committee. We also encourage you to consider who the official representative and alternate from your family are. We want each year to continue to be as successful as ever. For that, we need your energy, talent and support.


May this year bring healing to those of us dealing with health challenges and lots of opportunities to share and laugh together!



Sierra Family Reunion Committee Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting:  October 14, 2014


PRESENT:  Angi Molina, Mikki Segura, Stephanie Dowell, Mark and Mona Reyes, Merci Sierra, Pete Sierra, Caroline Sierra and Rachel Sierra


Given the small number of people that came to the meeting, there was an informal de-brief of the Reunion 2014 events and activities:

  • Swimming went well on Wednesday as did the Bandits game.
  • Friday: Good turn-out.  The kids were still playing miniature golf when the bean bag competition should have been started. Jerome, Jerred and Brian did a great job setting up all of the lights. Brian brought the lights from his work place. It really helped for the evening activities.
  • Saturday: We don’t have the final count for the family that attended; we know at least 67 people were there. About 15 attended the cemetery walk. That was down from last year. The walk is an opportunity to hear stories related to our family history. The talent show could use more structure…so that the talent in our family could be appreciated. The Silent Auction that usually takes place on Saturday night was mistakenly turned into a raffle.
  • Sunday:  There was plenty of food. Contributions for Toni’s Corner were way down this year

Treasurers’ Report: was distributed and discussed briefly. Although we raised less income in 2014 than was raised in 2013 ($564.50 less), we earned more than the total expense for 2014. Our income exceeded the cost of reunion activities by cost by $ 2.40 in 2014. Last year the costs we exceed our income by $31.79.

New Business:

1. The tent used for Toni’s Corner was little G.Gs and it was big enough. The suggestion was made to explore the cost of purchasing a 20’x20’ tent. Pete offered to explore the cost and report at the next meeting.

2. Sierra Family Trivia Night 2015:  will take place March 28, 2015.

3.  Carol Curtis resigned as Co-chair of the Committee after 10 years of dedicated service.  The suggestion was made to have every family representative ask their family members if anyone is interested in serving as Co-chair.

4.  Each family should clarify who their official representative and alternate are.


Meeting will be held at the Wind Mill restaurant 1190 Avenue of the Cities East Moline Il 61244

Dinner 5:00pm meeting 6:00pm


Please review this task list below with your families, every little bit helps. I want to thank Rachel Sierra in doing the October minutes.  If anyone has the talent to do minutes and fliers what a big help it would be. In the third generation there are 58 of us, in the fourth there is about 114.  Out of the 114, 8 were born in the 50’s, 28 in the 60’s, 52 in the 70’s, 17 in the 80’s. Just a little statistics I thought would be interesting.

Angela Molina


Tasks for Reunion: 2015

  1. Reserve Empire Park-South side for Friday night and all day Sunday.              Angela Molina completed task for 2015.
  2. Booklets – Angela Molina
  3. Reserve Our Lady of Guadalupe church hall for Saturday night.
  4. Purchase eating utensils, garbage bags, tostada shells, gift certificates.
  5. Make arrangements for Wednesday night swim at Willow.
  6. Make arrangements to purchase, distribute Bandit Tickets and arrange to pick two adults and two children to participate in Bandits games.
  7. Make arrangement for Port-a-Pots.
  8. Make arrangement for Pee Wee Golf and score sheets.
  9. Friday night Hot dogs and brats
  10. Friday grill
  11. Golf, horseshoe tournaments, volleyball bracket-Mark Reyes and family
  12. Arrange to reserve golf cart and transport it.
  13. Markers at cemetery
  14. Flowers for cemetery
  15. Contact Jim Nelson about Saturday morning breakfast.
  16. Handle the raffle baskets and 50/50 at Saturday talent show.
  17. Handle Hot sauce contest
  18. Saturday night kitchen aide-Camille family?
  19. Saturday night microphone, music and emcee.
  20. Sunday microphone, music and emcee.
  21. Clean and set up for Sunday breakfast.
  22. Sunday lunch set up.
  23. Kids games
  24. Piñatas
  25. Sunday judges
  26. Volleyball courts set up and tear down.
  27. Tent for Toni’s corner.
  28. Tables for Toni’s corner-Carol Sierra Cutis?
  29. Handle Toni’s corner.
  30. Clean up – Everyone



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