Update on Gilbert Sierra SR (G.G.)


This Update is from Rachel Sierra who has spoken to G.G. directly:

Cancer has struck our family again, this time in the form of leukemia. It is relentless…


Monday, November 18th, G.G. Sierra was admitted to the Comprehensive Oncology Unit of the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, IA. A few weeks ago, G.G. was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at Genesis Hospital in Davenport. G.G. chose to go to Iowa City, the facility that treated his previous cancer diagnosis.


Last night G.G. had his first chemotherapy session. The next two weeks are going to be rough with daily chemo treatments. He is in a super-clean unit. No one with any kind of cold flu or infection should plan to visit. Those that do visit will have to wash their hands, put on a mask and a gown. His instructions for getting to his room are:


1.  Look for elevator I ( letter “eye”)

2.  Take elevator I to 4th floor.

3.  He is in Room 4754, #1


G.G. is in great spirits, teasing staff and doctors and educating them on the use of Essential oils to treat cancer. Thank God his spirit remains light and strong! He has a challenging journey ahead of him. Let’s join G.G., Sue, their kids, grandkids, Aunt Lucha and the rest of the E.T. Sierra family in praying to God, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Virgen de San Juan, St. Peregrine, El Nino de Atocha, any favorite Saint and all of our ancestors to be with G.G., to surround him with healing love and light, to “soften” any side effects he might have from the chemo, to restore balance to G.G.’s body, mind and spirit so that he is healed. Let’s pray that G.G. feels all of our love and support in a special way over the next several weeks.


We will continue to provide updates as we visit or hear from him. Given he may be in the hospital for the next 2-4 weeks, I’m sure it will cheer him up to get a bunch of cards from family and friends. Here’s the address:


University of Iowa Hospital and clinics

Patient:  Gilbert G. Sierra

Unit: 4JPW

200 –  Hawkeye Drive

    Iowa City, Iowa 52242



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