March 2013 Minutes/ Tasks for 2013 Reunion


Sierra Family Reunion Meeting                                                                       10March2013


Meeting was called on 10 March 2013, 6:00pm at Dawn Marie’s Restaurant

In attendance:  Angela Molina, Miguela Sierra Molina, Rachel Sierra, Gilbert Sierra SR, Lucha Sierra, Peter Sierra, Stephanie Hutchinson Dowel, Marie Hay Grumadas, Greg Ledezma, Geralyn Dean

Prayer said by Peter Sierra

Motion to accept minutes …approved by all

Motion to accept financial report… approved by all

Peter commented how much of an impact in food flow there  was with the absents of Lupe Campos and some of her children due to family illness.

Angela mentions she has reserved Empire Park South for Friday 09 August 2013 for from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm for $20.00 and Sunday 11 August 2013 from 7:00am to 10:00pm for $40.00. No camping will be allowed.

Gilbert will put locks on port-a-pot

Rachel motion to also reserve park for Saturday so that tent can get set-up. It was decided to table it until Gilbert can find out if tent for Toni’s Corner can be set-up on Sunday morning

Peter motion to have trophies for the younger age bracket in the golf tournament approved by all… Peter will contact Mark Reyes.

Winners of the Volleyball game Louis T Sierra (B) team

Because of the lack of food at the 2012 reunion it was motion by Gilbert to purchase fried chicken with reunion fund…it was table so all family representatives can go discuss with their families on doing or not doing this purchase.

Gilbert mention that Saturday night talent show dinner will be hosted by the birthday boys of the “Fab Five”. Gilbert and Peter will have more information at next meeting.

Angela mention that Patricia  Sierra Guinn’s daughter Irene sent a message that her mother Pat turn 75 years this last March on the 23rd her family would appreciate any idea’s of honoring her at the family reunion.

It’s expected that we will have more participating in Saturday breakfast, since it so well last year.

Geralyn mention that last year the children’s games were not played so she still has toy prizes. Maria and Stephanie offered to handle the children games this year 2013.

First pitch has to be appointed at next meeting. Some nominees are Pat Guinn, Sue Miller Sierra, Teresa Cervantes and the Fab Five.

Trivia Night at V.F.W. East Moline April 6th 2013 each family donate a Basket for raffle and small items for door prizes.

May 3rd 2013 celebrating Miguela Sierra Molina 90th birthday beginning with 5:30 pm mass at St. Anne’s reception following at Our Lady Guadalupe center.

Next meeting will be June 3rd 2013 at Dawn Marie’s 5:00pm dinner meeting 6:00pm

Peter motion to adjourn …seconded by Rachel.



Minutes submitted by: Angela Molina



Tasks for Reunion 2013

  1. Set-up, clean up volleyball nets                         A.T. Sierra
  2. Golf, Horseshoe,volleyball brackets                  L. T. Sierra/M. Reyes
  3. Kids games/ piñata                                               A. T. Sierra/ Maria Grumadas & E.T. Sierra/Stephine Dowell
  4. Raffles, 50/50 at Sat. night talent show           ?
  5. Sunday lunch set-up                                             Juana Sierra/ Eydie & Pat Glackin
  6. Sunday Volleyball judges                                     Each families 3 judges
  7. Sunday breakfast set-up and clean-up              L. T. Sierra
  8. Toni’s Corner                                                          L. T. Sierra
  9. Sat. night kitchen aide                                          C.T. Sierra
  10. Bandit baseball tickets                                          L.T. Sierra/C. Curtis
  11. Park Reserve, minutes                                         Miguela/A. Molina
  12. Pick up trailer anf golf cart                                 ?
  13. Sunday clean-up                                                   EVERYONE

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