Updating Subscriptions to Sierra web-site

Family as we are into the New Year 2013, I want to remind everyone that if you have change your e-mail address it is up to the person whom wants to change the subscriptions to update the change. Every e-mail comes with a link to unsubscribe to the notices.  Also, a person can unsubscribe from any page on the entire website as seen on the screen shot below. 
I don’t have permissions to setup or to edit the subscriber list. Unsubscribe your old e-mail address then subscribe your new one in.

This form box has been tested on various platforms and browsers, Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7 Mac OS 10, firefox, internet explorer, and chrome.

If you visit www.sierrareunion.com you will find this box on the right hand side. This box is repeated on every post/page.  There is also a dedicated page at www.sierrareunion.com/subscriptions


Angela Molina


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