Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2011


The regular meeting of the Sierra Family Reunion was called to order 4:00pmSunday August 12, 2011 at Carol Curtis home by Angela Molina and Carol Curtis. Opening prayer said by Frank Sierra and Gilbert Sierra SR.


Carol Sierra-Curtis, Maria Grumadas Hay, Trish Ballard, Francisco V. Sierra, Angela Molina,

Caroline Sierra, Gilbert G. Sierra SR, Stephanie Hutchins-Dowell, Merci Gomez, Raelanda Campos, Ramona Trout, Geralyn Dean, Sally Sierra, Chris Sierra, Terri Sierra


Approval of Agenda:

Treasure Report

River Bandits Tickets


Family Tasks for Reunion

Distribution of Fliers

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues:

A check for $85.00 was issued out for rental of golf cart and a check of $304.00 was issued to Modern Woodman – Bandits for deposit. Barbara Sierra will be able to throw the first pitch at the Bandits game. Angela will post as soon as when the Sierra Store will open for purchase of T-Shirts. John at Legacy is still working out some clichés. Once the T-Shirts are completed Angela will post on family web-site for pick-up. Frank Sierra along with daughters Carol and Elizabeth have volunteered to do the kids game. Suggestions were made in regards to prizes for kids, for instance gift certificates from local fast food restaurants, Whity’s Ice Cream, nice stuff animals around the house that need a new home, and toys. Remind your families to bring candy for piñatas or bring an empty or filled piñatas. Frank will call Geralyn for any other items needed. Maria said her family will stuff and do the piñatas.

A vote was made to either rent a 40 X 20 tent for $150.00 or a 30 X 40 for $200.00. The result is to rent the 30 X 40 tent for $200.00.

We need more participation on donations for “Toni’s Corner” this is a fund raiser.

Frank had mention that on the horse shoe game limit the turn time to 15 to 18 minutes. Frank will consult on Mark Reyes or Jerome Reyes on that suggestion.

Stephanie will bring big trash bags. David Hay will check if park grass is cut.

The subject of trying to have a children’s table on Sunday. Angela will bring warm hot dogs and buns along with box of chips to start a children’s table and family heads inform their families as they prepare to plan what to bring to the Sunday picnic to keep the children’s table in mind.

Sunday Breakfast begins at 8:00am and is done at 10:00am.

For Saturday Night talent show dinner the tostada shells, paper products will be purchase by the Sierra fund. Beans, lettuce, cheese and hot sauce needs to be brought by family members which will be listed in Tasks for Reunion. Talent will start at 5:30pm.

Reminder on Friday night hot dogs, hamburgers and paper products will be available please bring a side dish or dessert. You bring your own refreshments. On Saturday please bring a side dish or dessert. Refreshment will have to be purchase at the bar.

No children under 18 can drive the golf cart. Parents please make this aware to your children.

Tasks for Reunion:

Amador T. Sierra – set up clean up volleyball (Hays), Piñatas (Hays),for Sat. dinner cheese and 1 gallon hot sauce (Hays), flour for volleyball if needed (Hays), Kids games (Frank and daughters)

Emanuel T. Sierra – Sat. Night raffles, auction, 50/50, pick up trailer and golf cart (G.G.SR.), Sunday breakfast (G.G.SR) and lettuce for Sat. dinner.

Louis T. Sierra – Golf, Horseshoe, volleyball bracket (Mark & Jerome Reyes) Sunday breakfast set-up and clean-up, Toni’s Corner (Reyes, Garcia, Dean), Bandit tickets (C. Curtis) and refried beans.

John T. Sierra – assist with Bandit ticket distribution, “Toni’s Corner” and 1 gallon hot sauce.       

Camille T. Sierra – Saturday night kitchen aide and 1 gallon hot sauce. 

Miguela Sierra Molina – Park reservations, T-Shirts, minutes                                                                                                                                    Juana T. Sierra – Sunday lunch set-up (Pat & Eydie Glackin) 

Adjournment: meeting was motion to adjourn by Caroline seconded by Merci

Minutes submitted by:                  Angela I. Molina

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