SIERRA Family Reunion Meeting minutes

SIERRA Family Reunion

Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2011


The regular meeting of the Sierra Family Reunion was called to order Sunday at 4:00pm on June 12, 2011 in Carol Curtis home by Angela Molina and Carol Curtis. Opening prayer said by Gilbert Sierra.


Gilbert Sierra, Sue Sierra, Edith Glackin, Sally Sierra, Geri Garcia, Merci Gomez, Caroline Sierra, Carol Curtis, Angela Molina, Miguela Molina

A.   Approval of Agenda

  • Treasure Report  
  • River Bandits Tickets – Deadline July 18th 2011
  • T- Shirts – Deadline July 28th 2011
  • Family Tasks for Reunion.
  • Distribution of fliers

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

B.   Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

C.   Open Issues

Barbara Jean may not be able to throw the first pitch if she can’t a motion by Geri was made to have Aunt Mickey do it , seconded by Carol, unanimously approved. Gilbert mention score cards and flip cards will be made for Rally volleyball. Tent will go up on Sunday morning; handicap portable potty will be delivered. Aunt Mickey suggests having a poster board out for those who have graduated, made First Communion and Confirmation to sign. Those who do sign in can be creative with pictures or other next to their signature. All approved. Eydie will get poster boards. Eydie also mention she has a box of rubber ducky’s to donate for the kids games. Those who volunteer to be volleyball judges please contact Mark Reyes (309-797-6468 cell#309-716-9022) and give him your shirt size. Bandit ticket orders turned in at next meeting (July 17th 2011) will be the ones used to draw names for the adult and children games done at the game. Gilbert mention the NaDeen his sister n law is on dialyses which is doing good for her that she can drive to visit her grandchildren in Peoria. Peter Sierra granddaughter Aonna Sierra is running for Our Lady of Guadalupe church fiesta. Angela mentioned that no one has mention to her that they will do children games. Maria Hayes Grumadas (Amador T. Sierra) volunteered to do the piñatas. Angela was reimbursed $20.00 for reserving Empire South for Friday August 12, 2011

 Tasks for Reunion:

1. set up clean up volleyball                         Amador T Sierra                                    

2. Golf, Horseshoe, volleyball bracket        Louis T Sierra/Mark Reyes and Family

3. Kids games/piñata

4. Raffles, 50/50 at Fri. Night Talent Show   Emanuel T. Sierra

5. Sunday lunch set-up                       Juana T. Sierra/ Pat and Eydie Glackin

6. Sunday Volley judges

7. Sunday Breakfast, set-up and clean-up      Louis T. Sierra

9. Toni’s Corner                    L. T. Sierra/Reyes-Garcia-John T. Sierra/Trish

10. Saturday Night kitchen aide                       Camille T. Sierra

11. Bandit baseball tickets     L.T. Sierra/Carol Curtis-J.T. Sierra/Caroline Sierra

12. Park Reservations, T-Shirts, Minutes        Miguela Sierra Molina/Angela Molina

13. Pick up trailer and golf cart                   Emanuel T. Sierra/Gilbert Sierra SR

14. Sunday clean-up EVERYONE   

D.   New Business

None at this time.

E.   Agenda for Next Meeting

  • Bandit tickets
  • T-shirts
  • Draw names for adult and children game
  • Go through reunion agenda make sure all is in place.
  • Who will be judges for volleyball games
  • Who will do children games


Meeting was motion to adjourn at 6:00pm by Geri. The next general meeting will be Sunday 4:00pm on 17July2011 at Carol Curtis home 4008 Glendale Blvd Davenport IA 563-499-8789. All family members are welcome and encourage to attend.  

Minutes submitted by:                              Angela I. Molina

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