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Sierra Reunion information request

To get on the sierra family reunion website alert you have to go on website ( and subscribe also if you have a new email address you will need to unscribe the old one then re-subscribe with the new email address.

Visit Sierra Family Reunion on facebook and request membership to receive any information

Sierra Family Reunion 2021 Golf Tournament


Unable to share due to Sierra Family Reunion Facebook page and Website  is private. If someone needs any information regarding reunion they must request for both.

2021 June Minuetes / Sierra Family Reunion

27 June 2021 Meeting was called at 1:00pm at Ben Butterworth park E.M. 


In attendance: Angela Molina, Jerred Reyes, Merci Gomez, Peter Sierra, George Sierra, Tony Gonzales, Eydie Glackin, Kathleen (KC)Hay Gulick, 


Prayer before meeting said by Peter Sierra


No Minutes to accept 


Treasurer Report: Sierra Family Reunion checking account at TBK bank was closed. This  decision was made by the executive board of the Sierra Family Reunion(Angela Molina, Peter Sierra, Merci Gomez)This was due to their change in their banking policies. They no longer offer the type of business account type that we had there. For instance monthly charges for no activity on account. The balance was withdrawn and made into one check. Leaving zero balance. It was decided to open a checking and saving account at IHMVCU on 16 April 2021. As of this date the account is on one signature (Peter Sierra) required. Once the Sierra Family Reunion has (2) persons responsible for the finances of the Sierra Family Reunion, it can be made into two (2) signatures accounts. 

Motion to accept financial report…approved by all 

If anyone wants to see the financial report contact Angela Molina 

New business: Sierra Family Reunion Sunday 08 August 2021


Wednesday 08/04/21 Willow is reserved for us from 3:00pm – 8:00pm. We are still allowed to bring food dishes in. Please continue germ safety practices 


Thursday 08/05/21  Bingo Night at the Whiskey Stop 726 15th Avenue East Moline,Il Tables will
be ready at 5:00pm game starts at 6:30pm. KC Hay Gulick in charge of bingo. Bring your own daubers, markers or beans. Each of the 9 families are to donate if possible one basket (or more) for the raffle table. 50/50

Still need volunteers to do this raffle table. 

We can only bring finger food in. They have a menu if you want to order food. When you buy your bingo packet you will receive (4) tickets. Different colors for soda and for beer.  

Please continue germ safety practices


Friday      08/06/21  Empire parks at 5:00pm, 6:30pm Pee Wee Golf is shut down, 7:00pm Horseshoe & Bags Tournaments. Jerred along with his brother, brother-in-law will set up a horseshoe and bags game. Food, paper products, utensils will be brought in by John and Carol Curtis any miscellaneous items will be purchased by Sierra Fund. Bring your own beverage. Eydie and Pat Glackin volunteered to pick up miscellaneous items and cook. Bring side dishes also remember when leaving pick up your pans. We ask that all dishes brought have a cover and its own serving utensil. Bring your own beverage. Will have 50/50


Saturday   08/07/21 Breakfast at Windmill 7:30am to 9:30am Angela Molina will call to reserve the back room. Golf tournament information will be sent once I get the information. Cemetery walk 9:30am starting first at Greenview Memorial Silvis. We will not be putting markers on family grave sites, we are asking that each family if possible mark their loved one’s grave site. After walking we will say a rosary by the monsolium. Free evening


Sunday    08/11/19 Reunion picnic. Breakfast 8:00am – 10:00am kickball / Softball 10:00am – 11:30am 12:00pm Lunch / 1:00pm family meeting, then Volleyball and any other Activities 2:00pm. Any pinatas brought in must be already filled and taken to E.T. table. Need prizes for  children’s games. Children prizes take to E.T. table. Toni’s Corner will be managed by Jennifer Reyes Meyers. We emphasize that we would appreciate more raffle items being brought in for young and old. George Sierra will bring garbage bags. Please when leaving remember to pick up your leftovers, pots, pans and utensils.

To keep safe of germs we are going to spread food out. Both tables in the shelter will be used for main dishes and some pop up tents will be placed for desserts. Trophies on a separate table also the sound equipment.

Hot sauce contest participants drop off at John T table. Voting will be from 2 – 4

If you volunteer to purchase items and deliver please get a receipt to turn in. If you turn in your receipt before or on 08/02/21 you can get reimbursed before the reunion but if you turn in your receipt after that time you will get reimbursed the week after the reunion.

Please turn in Trophies with the winning inscription updated. Quad City Laminating & Trophy RI is recommended

This 2021 is our 50th anniversary of the Sierra Family Reunion

Please continue germ safety practices


Minutes submitted by: Angela Molina


Note: From Angela Molina

At Sunday’s picnic there will be a census form to voluntarily fill out.

To get on the sierra family reunion website alert you have to go on website ( and subscribe also if you have a new email address you will need to unscribe the old one then re-subscribe with the new email address.

Visit Sierra Family Reunion on facebook and request membership to receive any information 

No one else can request membership for someone else 

Meeting Reminder-Sierra Family Reunion 2021


Sierra Family Reunion 2021 meetng

Sunday June 27th 2021 1:00pm

Ben Butterworth Park East Molne Il

Meet by the Lagoon


Happy Fathers Day – Sierra Family Reunion Update

20 jUNE 2021

Hello Sierra Families, I have some updates on the reunion;

Marcela Cervantes Sherman and father Carlos will continue to bring the menudo for Sunday morning of the reunion.

Kathleen (Casey) Hurd, will help with 50/50. We do need more volunteers because we would want to do this in shifts.

Rae Ann Butts, has been able to reserve Willow Springs for Wednesday August 4th from 3-8pm

Still looking for a hall for Bingo night which could be on a Thursday or Saturday night. One recommendation is American Legion in East Moline. 

Need someone to check if Hampton Pee Wee golf is available for August 6th

Windmill Restaurant will accommodate us for Saturday breakfast

Pinatas who will be in charge

Kids games?


We are looking for a new treasurer and assistant

To continue, this wonderful and memorial to our ancestors, with this Sierra family reunion it is absolutely essential that new younger leadership come forward. 

Any family member are welcome to the meeting

June 27th 2021 SIERRA FAMILY REUNION meeting

1:00pm at Ben Butterworth park East Moline,ll 

Bring your lawn chairs and refreshments

Sierra Family Reunion

SIERRA FAMILY REUNION 2021                                                     May 29th 2021


Hello Family, what a crazy and sorrowful 2020-2021 year it has been.


The Sierra Family Reunion picnic will take place ;


Sunday August 08 2021 at Empire Park in East Moline, Il


A 1:00pm meeting will be Sunday June 27th 2021 at Ben Butterworth Park in East Moline, Il Bring your lawn chair and beverage. 


We do have Empire Park reservations for Friday August 6th 2021 and Sunday August 8th 2021.




Wednesday August 4th 2021, no confirmation if Willow Spring will be letting swim parties. I heard they are only letting members in.


Thursday August 5th 2021, no Bandits home game. Bandits will have a home game on Sunday August 1st 2021. Do we attend that game?


Friday August 6th 2021, need to confirm activities 


Saturday August 7th 2021, Breakfast? Cemetery walk? Bingo? Raffles? Food and Beverage? Heritage Center in Hampton at this time is not taking reservations


Sunday August 8th 2021, need to confirm activities


We need to be safe with food served. One suggestion was each family bring their own food and if they want to share food still keep it in your area.


Note:   Jan Sierra will no longer be able to do 50/50 raffles, volunteers needed.

Merci Gomez is not able to be second treasurer, volunteers needed.

Memorial Mass…Hero Street

A Memorial mass will be held Monday morning 9:00am 05/1/21at St Mary’s mausoleum 

In East Moline Il. Father Angel Sierra will be participating.


Billy goat bluff is looking Amazing today. Monday Memorial Day at 10:00am, Mr. Joe Terronez will be honored for his ideas & hard work on the Hero Street Project. Honoring the 8 heroes from 2nd street, now renamed Hero Street. Let us go and honor them all


Kinda, Sorta Tailgate Friday 04/09/2021


Good Morning Family, tonight at Soule Bowel in East Moline UTHS against Alleman. Thomas Sierra will have hot dogs at 5:00pm at Ben Butterworth Park. I know Alleman player are only allowed 2 pass per family to get in. I don’t know how UT is handling their passes. Any questions
 040521-qc-spt-gen-alleman-fball-17.JPG  Rudy Glancey 72      CJ Terronez 17

Sierra Reunion Website & Lucha’s Birthday Party

Happy Easter everyone! And thank you to all who came out to Butterworth park to celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday. I wish I could have been there myself.

I wanted to put up a post on the website and make sure everything is back to normal. We had some technical issues starting in February and looks like they are mostly resolved. I have some work to do on the email system.

Below is a link to view and share your pictures of Grandma/Tia Lucha

If you have any issues just let me know – Eddie



Christmas gift

Picture of Aunt Lucha with quilt that Vicky Sierra made her.

Tom and Vicky gave it to her for Christmas.