Sierra Family Reunion

SIERRA FAMILY REUNION 2021                                                     May 29th 2021


Hello Family, what a crazy and sorrowful 2020-2021 year it has been.


The Sierra Family Reunion picnic will take place ;


Sunday August 08 2021 at Empire Park in East Moline, Il


A 1:00pm meeting will be Sunday June 27th 2021 at Ben Butterworth Park in East Moline, Il Bring your lawn chair and beverage. 


We do have Empire Park reservations for Friday August 6th 2021 and Sunday August 8th 2021.




Wednesday August 4th 2021, no confirmation if Willow Spring will be letting swim parties. I heard they are only letting members in.


Thursday August 5th 2021, no Bandits home game. Bandits will have a home game on Sunday August 1st 2021. Do we attend that game?


Friday August 6th 2021, need to confirm activities 


Saturday August 7th 2021, Breakfast? Cemetery walk? Bingo? Raffles? Food and Beverage? Heritage Center in Hampton at this time is not taking reservations


Sunday August 8th 2021, need to confirm activities


We need to be safe with food served. One suggestion was each family bring their own food and if they want to share food still keep it in your area.


Note:   Jan Sierra will no longer be able to do 50/50 raffles, volunteers needed.

Merci Gomez is not able to be second treasurer, volunteers needed.

2 thoughts on “Sierra Family Reunion”

  1. Angie
    I called saukie golf course up for information for Saturday August 7 . I will get everything all typed. Up and send information to you by this weekend.

    Mark Reyes

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