Aunt Mickey Restorative Care


Dear family, my mother Miguela Sierra Molina (Aunt Mickey) fell last Monday (12/12/16) and fractured her left leg femur. Doctor said since it’s a straight fracture he wants to let it heal on its own and not put anyone with 93 birthdays under to operate. She is at Illini Restorative Care, 1455 Hospital Road Silvis Il. 61282, room # 171.                           Prayers and visits are welcome.



2 thoughts on “Aunt Mickey Restorative Care”

  1. I will let Dad know tomorrow. Not sure if we can get up there but we will definitely keep her in our prayers. Please give her our love & some hugs. Keep is posted please

  2. Angela,
    Please let Aunt Mickey know that my Mom (Rose) and all of us are thinking of her and praying for healing. Does she have a phone number that we could call her? Vaya con Dios

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