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The food and money donation at the Sierra Reunion went to organizations listed below under the name

Sierra Family Reunion


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Christian Care, provides safe shelter, support and resources

Empowers both the homeless and survivors of domestic violence

To make positive changes in every aspect of their lives

2209 3rd Ave, P.O. Box 4176

Rock Island, IL 61204-4176


24 Hour Crisis Line 309-788-2273



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King’s Harvest Pet Rescue No-Kill Shelter is open!!  We are located at 2504 W Central Park, Davenport. Our Phone number is 563 386-3117.   Open Public Times are: 10 am to 5 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday.    We are closed on Thursday and Sunday.    King’s Harvest Pet Rescue No-Kill Shelter has many available pets up for adoption.  Come during our open hours and visit with the adoptable cats and dogs to find a furry friend for your home.  Should you find a pet you wish to adopt, fill out the pet adoption application form below or fill one out at the Pet rescue. To find a pet available for adoption please visit Pet Finder.
Thanks to Alex Sierra for making this happen.



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