Susan Sierra Passing/G.G. Novena cancel


Susan Sierra passed away this morning at about 2:20am (11/18/14).

Due to the death of Sue early this morning, G.G. Jr. and his siblings are canceling the novena for G.G.  They are extremely tired and weary.  They will be planning Sue’s funeral in the next days, so they would like to do a double novena once Sue is interred.  They feel it would be more convenient for everyone who would want to attend the novenas for both individually.  They also are OK with anyone or any other family to do a novena on their own if they choose when they want to start it, the Campos family has already started this and that’s good.  All prayers need to continue for G.G. and Sue’s children and extended family.




One thought on “Susan Sierra Passing/G.G. Novena cancel”

  1. Prayers, absolutely, are coming to all! God bless us all, as we plan our farewell to Sue.

    GG probably asked God to allow his beloved to rest with him.

    Much love. Mary Kathleen Sierra

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