Update on Tim Hay

26 August 2014

I talk to Lisa yesterday Tim was stable but still in critical condition. He is no longer under sedition, his blood pressure goes up and down, his brain is being monitoring for anymore bleeding. With Tim’s brain exposed there is the concern of infection setting in. Today Lisa says Tim is having high fevers.  Tim’s son Nathan was release from the hospital last Saturday and is at home.

Tim’s family has expressed that with this unexpected tragedy, the expenditure of the trips to be with their brother has develop a financial upset. Any monetary contributions would be appreciated. There are donation cans set out at different locations, Dawn Marie’s Family of Hope Restaurant in Hampton and one at the 7-11 gas station on 19th street East Moline, across from Benny’s restaurant or call Alex Sierra -563-209-3497

Keep Praying

Angela Molina

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