Willow Lost&Found/SierraReunion06/14mins.

If anyone lost anything at Willow 08/06/14 contact Ramona Campos Trout 309-798-9428


Sierra Family Reunion Meeting                                 June 17, 2014

Meeting was call on the 17h of June 2014, 6:00 pm at Miguela Sierra Molina house.

In attendance: Angela Molina, Miguela Molina, Miguela David, Rachel Sierra, Gilbert Sierra SR, Stephanie Hutchins-Dowell, Mikki Segura, Eydie Glackin, Carol Ann Sierra-Curtis, Caroline Sierra, Merci Gomez, Peter Sierra, Rachel Campos, Mark & Mona Reyes, Geralyn Dean

Prayer:  Gilbert Sierra SR

Treasurer Report: Reminder that last year’s reunion 2013 on Saturday night talent show, the silent auction made $225.00, hot sauce contest $35.00  and 50/50, $135.00. Sunday 50/50, $118.00, Toni’s Corner $550.00. Trivia night 2014, $529.00


  1. Gilbert SR has contacted Jim Nelson 309-236-1396. Rachel Sierra picked up contact for church hall rental ($300.00) for Peter Sierra. Only a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe can sign the contact. Father Pro’s will have breakfast 8/9/14, starting 7:00am.
  2. Gilbert SR has contacted B & B Drain – Hinee Huts 309-756-1073 cost $265.00 will deliver Friday 8/8/14.
  3. Gilbert SR has contacted Jeff Wallace for tents 563-349-3198 cost $150.00 delivery Sunday morning 8/10/14
  4. Bettendorf Community Center could provide official for volleyball tournament for donation and food per Stephanie Dowell. Mark Reyes will contact them. Recommended we use official set of rules for volleyball tournament. Mark will check on that.
  5. Horse shoe tournament needs more lights.
  6. Ramona R. suggested a bean bag toss tournament Friday night for children. All approved. Geralyn Dean has 2 sets she will bring and Ramona R. has 1 she will bring.
  7. Mark ask Geralyn if there are any more children prizes left and she replay we have no left. Mark motion to use $150.00 to replenish children prize for games at reunion picnic. All agreed and Geralyn will purchase prizes.
  8. Saturday night, Tostada shells are purchase with the Sierra fund, beans from L.T. Sierra, Maria Grumadas will bring 5lb bag of yellow cheese, hot sauce and lettuce. Eydie G. will bring lettuce. We will accept more refried beans, cheese, lettuce and hot sauce. Also please bring dish/dessert to pass.
  9. Next meeting October 14, 2014 at Windmill Restaurant in East Moline, IL
  10. Carol Sierra-Curtis announces she is resigning as chair-person after 2014.
  11. Next meeting October 14, 2014 at Windmill Restaurant in East Moline, IL
  12. Rachel S. motion to adjourn the meeting Caroline seconded, all agreed.

Marie G. invited all to her 50th birthday celebration at West Lake on July 12, 2014

Minuets submitted by: Angela Molina

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