Month: December 2013

Family And Family Friends Health Challenges

The last couple of weeks have been filled with health challenges for some of our family members and extended family members. Let’s take a few minutes of our day to pray for a speedy recovery and let’s send our love and good wishes. May everyone experiencing illness in this moment be healed by the grace of God. Below is a list of those family members that have been in the hospital for one thing or another.


1. G.G. Sierra is still in Iowa City receiving chemo treatments to fight the acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The E.T. Sierra family will be launching a bone marrow drive in the near future. Please consider participating. You can go to Iowa city
hospital website and find email patient.under volunteer email G.G. to wish him well.


2.  Sue Sierra (G.G.’s wife) has been hospitalized due to an infection after knee surgery.


3.  Simon Sierra had a close call when he was taken to Illini with double pneumonia. He was there a week and was released on Thanksgiving.


4. Rita Sierra is at Illini after emergency surgery for a perforated bowel the night before Thanksgiving.


5. Aunt Gabby Moreno and Aunt Mary Medina were recently hospitalized. Both are now at home. Their younger sister, Toni Perez was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is receiving chemotherapy and doing well.


6. Delfina Saucedo, cousin Jean’s sister-in-law and long time friend of the family was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early September.

7. Greg Ledezma had a knee replacement 11/27/13 is at home now recuperating.


Let’s keep them all in our hearts and prayers.