Agenda for Nov 4th 2013 meeting/ Vote player for the week


                                                                                                   MONDAY NOVEMBER 4TH 2013

DINNER:                    5:00PM

MEETING:                 6:00PM


                                                                                                        WINDMILL RESTAURANT




Meeting to order


Treasurer report                                   receipts that need reimbursement please turn in to Peter Sierra before meeting

Review 2013 five day reunion

Vote                                                          On changing the venue to the Arsenal or staying at Empire Park. One vote per (9) families

Family Trivia Night

New business


Note: An updated copy of the addressing and phone listing will be sent via e-mail to representatives of the nine families to review with their individual family members for verification and collect any corrections and additions. If there is any upcoming family event for the New Year 2014, please give information to your representative. If you haven’t heard from your representative, please contact them yourself. Family representatives please turn all this information (address, phone correction and upcoming events) in to Angela Molina at Nov 4th meeting. Also a list needs to be made with name of family representative and their alternate. Turn this in to Angela Molina at November 4th meeting.

All family members are welcome to meetings.



Vote for the Prep Rally Player of the Week 10/28

By WEEK Producer

Vote for the Prep Rally Player of the Week 10/28

Quick Vote:
Vote for the Prep Rally Player of the Week
October 28, 2013Updated Oct 28, 2013 at 5:18 PM CDT

Voting ends at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Tune in to Prep Rally Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on WEEK as we reveal this week’s Player of the Week.


Katie Walters, who is granddaughter to the late Julien and Kathleen Sierra and wife to head football coach for Notre Dame, Peoria is asking for your vote in player of the week for Andy Shadid. Click web site below to vote.

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