Sierra Reunion 03June2013 Minutes

Sierra Family Reunion Meeting                                                                       03 June 2013


Meeting was called on 03 June 2013, 6:00pm at Dawn Marie’s Restaurant

In Attendance: Angela Molina. Miguela Sierra Molina, Rachel Sierra, Lucha Sierra, Gilbert Sierra SR, Stephanie Hutchinson Dowel, Greg Ledezma, Carol Sierra Curtis, Sally Sierra, Rachel Campos, Mark Reyes, Ramona Reyes, Guadalupe (Lupe) Campos, Caroline Sierra, Raylonda Campos, Lisa Tarrant

Prayer said by         Guadalupe Campos

Motion to accept minutes…approved by all

Motion to accept financial report…none available

Guadalupe (Lupe) asks how much money is needed for reunion. How much is made at Toni’s Corner, Saturday night talent show and from Trivia…Carol said approximately $1,000 for reunion expenses, will have an updated financial report at next meeting.

G.G. will have finally cost of purchasing a tent at next meeting, one tent would be approximately $100.00.

G.G. mention that Jim Nelson suggested opening our breakfast to parish, after some discussion it was agreed that we as Sierra family want our time of breakfast from 7:00am to 9:00am Jim could open to parish after 9:00am, all agreed. G.G. will get back to Jim on our suggesting; G.G. reminded us that the breakfast gets us the hall free for Talent show. Last meeting it was brought up to purchase fried chicken paid by Sierra family fund…Rachel Campos motion not to purchase fried chicken with family fund…seconded by Ramona Reyes…agreed by all.

All appointed family representatives need to express to their families that they need to bring enough food for quantity of servings, need to have more food for children’s table, only serve yourself what you can eat can always go back for more.

Toni’s Corner, a bag for each item and count money after raffle is over at the park.

Angela, mention we still need to have someone transport golf cart. Greg will transport it but does not have a trailer to haul it. Lisa said her brother Tim may have one. Angela will get in touch with Tim.

Stephanie said she has been in contact with Maria about the kid’s games they just haven’t got anything set yet. Reminder we need piñatas fill or unfilled and candy to fill piñatas up.  Angela suggested in having a schedule up of what time or the order each game will be…agreed by all.

The FAB BIRTHDAY BOYS will be bringing in food, Angela suggested we still have tostados…agreed by all. The Louis T. family will bring refried beans. John T. family will bring hot sauce. Emanuel T. the lettuce and Hope Hayes family (Amador T.) will bring the cheese. We welcome anyone to bring in more refried beans, lettuce, hot sauce, cheese and side dishes. The tostadas shells are already purchase with family funds.

Bandit tickets, Carol will have order forms at the next meeting and she will pass out tickets like she did last year, at Frank’s Pizzeria. We have permission to have the MAVA colored guards. For the games we will pull two adults and two children names out from the family names only on the order forms. For the first pitch the committee elected to have Michael Sierra of the Fab Birthday boys, if he is unable to then next in line will be Patricia Sierra Guinn. Pat’s family wants to acknowledge her 75th birthday at the reunion.

New Business:      

Lupe express that we are losing tradition by not bringing in food for family funerals…agreed by all.

Caroline motion to adjourn the meeting…seconded by Ramona Reyes.

Next meeting:        Monday July 01, 2013 at Dawn Marie’s in Hampton, IL

Dinner at 5:00pm meeting at 6:00pm

Minutes submitted by:  Angela Molina


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