River Bandit Order Form/Sierra Reunion Fliers/A Little Family History

 Please return your filled out order form and money to your head of family.

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A little Family history so that you will understand why I am sending the article on George Ramos and his family.

Our grandfather Simon Nache Sierra  parents are, Teodoro Herculano Sierra and Luisa Nache Sierra, they had a total of twelve children, they are:

Ma. Piedad                   29 Mar 1863                Daughter

Jose Felix                     18 May 1866               Son

Je. Gregorio S.              25 May 1867               Son

Maria Priscillana         05 Jan 1869                 Daughter

Ynes                              23 Apr 1871                 Son

Ma. Guadalupe            14 Dec 1872                 Daughter

Teodora                         13 Nov 1873                Son

Jose Toribio                  16 Apr 1875                 Son

Ma. Felipa                             05 Feb 1877                 Daughter

Benita                           03 Apr 1879                 Daughter

Daniel                           04 Jan 1881                 Son

Simon Nache                18 Feb 1882                 Son             13 Apr 1969


Grandfather Simon’s brother, Je. Gregorio, is the grandfather to Savino Sierra and Rose Sierra Ramos from Peoria, Il.

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