Month: February 2012

Birth Annoucement/Sierra Family Meeting/ Trivia Night





Christopher and Elizabeth (Sierra) Griffin give birth to a 9 lb baby girl, on February 23rd 2012 at 8:00am. Don’t know her name yet, but parents and baby are doing fine. 

 New granddaughter to Francisco (Frank) Sierra

Great great granddaughter to Jesses and the late Amador Sierra


Dates to remember:

Sierra Family Reunion Meeting……….Sunday February 26th 2012 time 4:00pm at Windmill restaurant in East moline, Il

Sierra Family Trivia Night………………Saturday March 03rd 2012 for family and friends


Deadline for Sierra Family Survey


Today (02/13/12) is the deadline to fill out the Sierra Family survey. We have not had as much response as the committee had anticipated to have. Not all families have sent any response. The committee would appreciate  more survey’s fill out to help plan the Sierra Family Reunion.  This survey is not just for heads of family to fill out, its for all family members to participate.       

Sierra Reunion SurveyBLANKolderversion

Brief Memo on Sierra Family Survey


February 6, 2012


Dear  Sierra family,


Last week you received an email with a survey attached. The purpose of the survey is to get feedback on some aspects of the Sierra Family Reunion activities in August. We are sending this brief memo:


  • To clarify some of the questions in the survey.
  • To resend the survey in a format that can be more easily opened.
  • To remind you to please complete and return the survey by

 Monday, February 13th.



1. Saturday morning breakfast:  The breakfast that could be provided by the Fr. Pro Society is an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for $6.50 per person. We only need to ensure at least 50 paying customers would attend.

2.  Regarding the Sunday afternoon family meeting: We would love to hear any suggestions or comments you may have. However, we want to clarify the options we are considering:

1. Continue as we have done:  each family asked to have one spokesperson that speaks for 5 minutes,

2. In advance of the reunion, every family is provided a survey/template/list of important events and milestones we want to hear about. Each family head assumes responsibility for collecting and summarizing the information for their entire family. At the reunion, the spokesperson for each family uses the written summary as the basis for their report. The written summaries can be collected and made into a booklet.


PLEASE take the time to complete the survey! We really do want to get feedback from as many of you as possible. So far we have only received 5 completed surveys from Tasia Glancy, Aunt Mickey, Greg Ledezma, Angi Molina and Caroline Sierra.

Thanks for your help!

The survey in an older version of Word : Sierra Reunion SurveyBLANKolderversion

Sierra Family Trivia Night


Third Annual Sierra Trivia Night on Saturday March 3rd, 2012

Please remember that we would appreciate from each nine families

A basket for the raffle/silent auction and miscellaneous items for the

Door prizes

Putnam Exibit End Sunday 02/05/12

“Mi Casa Nueva” QC Mexican Heritage exibit at the Putman museum ends this Sunday 02/05/12