SIERRA Family Reunion Meeting                                            December 11, 2011

Meeting was called on the 11th of December 2o011, time 6:00pm at the Windmill restaurant in East Moline, Ill.

In attendance: Carol Sierra, Miguela Molina Sierra, Mark Reyes, Mona Reyes,

Gilbert Sierra SR, Stephanie (Hutchins) Dowell, Angela Molina, Peter Sierra, Rachel Sierra, Geri Garcia. Prayer said by Peter.

Treasure:     Geri, reported that we have a balance of $2,435.10

Thursday:     River Bandits Baseball Game, Mark mention that it’s a big credit to our family that we are able to get together like we do at this public function. Carol commented that if a ticket has been purchase for a child with the Sierra fund and that child is unable to attend let the head of your family or Carol know and return the ticket to either one of them so Carol can get a refund. It was also suggested to check about renting the handicap area, which Carol and Angela will do.

Friday:           Horse Shoe Tournament, Kudos to Mark and Jerome Reyes in the organization of the tournament. The move to the pavilion was great. Thanks to Gilbert SR in arranging on having port-a-pot, it was suggested in seeing if there could be a flush out of port-a-pot for every day we do use it. Stephanie said she would check on that. Besides having the hot dogs and brats (donated by John and Carol Curtis) they were a good variety of side dishes that were brought. A suggestion on the children’s pee wee golf tournament is to turn in their score cards once they finish their game.

Saturday:     Breakfast at Deerfield restaurant went well we had 31 in attendance. Gilbert SR suggested that we have the Father Pros serve us next year; we would have to commit 50 people. It was motion and agreed by all to have this on a survey. Cemetery walk went great. Golf tournament went great Mark said there was a total of 36 players; he did have a problem in collecting all the score cards. Attending the 4:00 mass at St Anne’s was good. Talent show and family dinner went well but crowded, we had 201 in attendance. A suggestion was made to have this event at the Empire Park instead of a hall. This idea was motion and agreed to go in a survey. Merci Gomez reported to Carol that food contributions for the dinner was a success. Merci also said that the Camille T. Sierra family will take the task of serving the Saturday night dinner for 2012.  

Sunday:         Breakfast, food ran out by 8:45am. Carlos and Teresa Cervantes did great with menudo and Gilbert SR with his waffles. The tents were great to have. Suggestion was made to mention that names be put on pans and serving utensils. Pat and Eydie Glackin did a wonderful job on setting up the food tables. It has been suggested to eliminate the family meeting and just have each family head give a written summary of their family’s success, collect all summaries, and put them in a booklet that would go to head of family to share with their family. It was motion and agreed by all to put this in a survey. Frank Sierra and family did a terrific job with the children games. The T-Shirts should it go back to each families getting their own or continue to have a Sierra store to order shirts, this was motion and agreed by all to go on a survey. Gilbert SR did a great job in getting all the equipment. Mark did a great job with the Volleyball tournament the rally system went successfully, made the games go quick.

Stephanie mentions that there were 641 clicks on the Sierra Family face book. Tasia Glancey has set up a Sierra Family face book.

Rachel offered to help set up the survey.

The Date for our 2012 Sierra Family Reunion is August 12th 2012

Sierra Trivia Night: Peter suggests having trivia night on Saturday March 3rd 2012 starting at 6:00pm at V.F.W. in East Moline, IL. agreed by all.  

Next Sierra Family meeting will be Sunday February 26th 2012 time 4:00pm at the Windmill restaurant in East Moline.

Geri made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Carol.   



Minutes submitted by:     Angela Molina


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