Sierra Family Reunion Minutes – 24th January 2011

SIERRA Family Reunion Meeting January 24th 2011

Meeting was called on the 24th of January 2011, time 6:00pm at Carol Curtis home.

In Attendance: Miguela Molina, Angela Molina, Carol Curtis, Ramona Trout, Rachel Campos, Raelanda (Rose) Campos, Peter Sierra

Prayer said by Ramona.

Minutes of November 8th 2010 meeting were read and motion by Ramona to be accepted seconded by Rose.

Carol presented a budget break down from Geri Garcia of the auction, 50/50, raffles and expense. Carol motion to accept budget report seconded by Miguela.

Ramona mention what a great time she and her family had, families that had delegated to take on some of the tasks did a great job.

Angela had check with getting the Jubilee and Victory room at Cleary Hall, since Guadalupe center was already book, to rent both rooms it would cost $580.00. Angela proceeded to check around and found the American Legion in East Moline was open for only $300.00. The American Legion is book for our Saturday talent show/dinner event.

Peter mention we need to contact The Windmill in East Moline to reserve the back room for the breakfast. Angela said she would contact them.

Carol mention she contact Guadalupe church to set up dates for masses, it turns out there are no more dates available for 2011. Angela will check with St Anne’s.

Notify Mark Reyes to give your thoughts on having Rally Volleyball by April 1st.

There was some confusion when breakfast ends at the picnic, we begin setting up for lunch at 10:00am.

For “Trivia Night” each families bring a basket for silent auction and gifts for door prizes.

Rachel mention having bingo at the picnic. Will discuss this at next meeting.

Angela mention that families inform their head of family of special dates graduations, confirmations, first communion etc. that could be posted in the family web-site.

Head of family need to consult with their family as to what task they will be responsible for and let committee know.                   

 Sierra Family Reunion date is August 14th 2011

Attendance to family meeting is open to all family members not just to head of family.

Next meeting will be April 4th 2011 at Carol Curtis home 4008 Glendale Blvd Davenport IA 563-499-8798

Tasks for Reunion:

1. Set up clean up volleyball____ 2. Golf, horseshoe, volleyball bracket-M. Reyes 3. Kid’s game/piñatas ____ 4. Raffles, 50/50____ 5. Lunch set up ____ 6. Sunday judges, clean-up____ 7. Sat. kitchen aide-Camille family 8. Clean set up for breakfast___ 9. Toni Corner- Reyes/Garcia 10. Clean up – Everyone

T-Shirt design entry due April 4th 2011 – Quilt patch due May 2nd 2011


Minutes submitted by: Angela Molina

2 thoughts on “Sierra Family Reunion Minutes – 24th January 2011”

  1. Hi Ange, Here are some dates you asked for: Merriyah N. Myers Confirmation an Thursday April 7 at 7pm St. Annes(Jennifer A. Reyes-Myers daughter)., and Xavier J. Reyes(Jerome A Reyes son)First Holy Communion an Sunday May 1st at 11:30 Christ The King. I know you Ange know my kids but did () for those who dont. Thanks

  2. Hi, Angie,

    Want to let our family know that Zoe will be making her 1st Holy Communion on Sat. April 30th at 11:00 at St. Anne’s in East Moline.

    Thanks, Carol and Trish

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