Month: February 2011


Press release submitted by Alleman High School

Alleman Catholic High School Selected to Participate in 2010-2011 Operation Teen Safe Driving Program

School to Create/Implement Peer-Led Program in Community

Rock Island – Alleman Catholic High School applied and was recently selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation and partners to participate in the 2010-2011 Operation Teen Safe Driving (OTSD) program. The statewide safety initiative is designed for teens to educate their peers about driving responsibly in an effort to decrease the number of fatalities and injuries involving teenagers in Illinois.

Alleman High School generously gave Randy and Melissa information on ordering the T-Shirts created for the campaign in awarness “IN TOWN BUCKLE DOWN” in memory of Tyler Ledezma. This campaign was headed by the school SAD (Sigma Alpha Delta) club. They were assisted by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Randy and Melissa are taking orders from anyone wishing to purchase T-Shirts for $12.00 proceeds will go into a Alleman scholarship fund in memory of Tyler. Orders are due Sunday 27th of February. To order call Cell Number 309-235-3390 or ledezma05@aol.comHelp keep Tyler’s memory alive and save lives.

To read article go to: town buckle down or FACEBOOK: In town buckle down in loving memory of Tyler Ledezma

Who’s turning 60/Trivia information

From the third generation born in the year 1951 celebrating their 60th birthday are:

Rachel Sierra    02/10/51         Angela Irene Molina      02/21/51                                                                                                                                              Stephanie Sierra Theado      05/07/51          Thomas Sierra        12/15/51  

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