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Sierra Family Reunion November 8th 2010 meeting minutes 

SIERRA Family Reunion Meeting                                 November 8th 2010

Meeting was called on the 8th of November 2010, time 6:00pm at Carol Curtis      In attendance: Miguela Molina, Angela Molina, Carol Curtis, Merci Gomez, Ramona Reyes, Mark Reyes, Caroline Sierra, Stephanie Dowell, Sue Sierra, Peter Sierra, Sally Sierra

Treasure – as November 8th 2010 we have $2,482.26 in account. Peter suggest we get a break down of expenses, all agreed. 

Comments on Reunion events:

Thursday – Caroline mention the incidents that resulted with inappropriate  behavior was not setting a good example to younger generations. Carol commented that it was an isolated incident but for the future we need to make sure to express the importance of containing appropriate behavior and still enjoy the evening. All agreed. Carol mentions with the help of Caroline that the ticket sales went well. Stephanie noted that the Bandits have a home game August 11th.

The date for our 2011 family reunion is August 14th 

Friday – Empire Park Horseshoe tournament had more attended and participated in the tournament. The lighting was okay but recommended that more light be where the food is. Peter mention about considering purchasing generators for more lighting. Peter will collect information on generators and report at next meeting. We also need to have garbage bags available for that night. Also for safety precaution space out more between the food and horseshoe set-up.

Saturday – Breakfast and Cemetery walk went well had good attendance. Angela suggest having the breakfast at the Windmill in East Moline, all agreed. Golf tournament was a success the fact that you could get your game within the week made it convenient to participate. Mark mention that having Laura Stout an employee of the Country View Golf Course assisting us helped make things run smooth. Mark suggested we return to Country View next reunion 2011, agreed by all. Mass at St Anne’s well attended and for 2011 go to St Anne’s 4: oo pm mass again, all agreed. Talent show dinner Merci said they were sweating it because components for tostadas were minimal. Merci suggested that each family be assign to bring certain components for the tostadas and desserts. All agreed. Merci also mention that Camille T. Sierra will take the assignment of Saturday night kitchen aide again. Emanuel T. Sierra they will bring white and yellow cheese. The gift baskets, silent auction and 50/50 went well. Angela suggest using a different venue for the talent show/dinner because renting the Guadalupe hall was about $500.00 she would be willing to check out Cleary Hall using only the Jubilee and Victory rooms because they have air-conditioning. Peter mention about having a small stage. Mark mention that even though there was no alcohol we did manage without it, so it doesn’t need to be a specific in renting a venue, all agreed.

Sunday – Breakfast with Theresa and Carlos, menudo, Gilbert and Sue, French toast and bacon and Ramona Reyes crew in cleaning off tables and others who contributed help make it a success. Baseball game was very entertaining. Dinner set-up and care of food went smooth through the day with Eydie and Pat’s attention to the task. It was suggested to try having a children’s table set-up, have four lines going at the main food table. The family meeting went well. Bill and Luis did an excellent job as emcee’s and keeping the events on schedule. The Amador T. Sierra (Michelle Best and crew) family won the table setting decoration. Mark suggest that we check into having rally volleyball since we have more teams, Mark will make calls to family representatives and hear their comments and suggests and then will report back at next meeting. Mark mention what took the most time was getting line judges assign. Mark suggested that two judges from each team should be designated, all agreed. The Port a Pot, tent and golf cart were great to have, but we must emphasis that only adults with driver license should drive the golf cart.

Design for family T-Shirts due date is April 1st 2011 we want to order then a month early. Quilt patch due May 1st 2011. Vickie said she only received sixty patches so far. Please let your family representative knows if you will or will not be participating in the quilt so we do not continue waiting for a patch design.

Dates and church where Carol will try to get masses said. August 13th at St Anne’s if possible. February, September and May at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Thank you to Chris Sierra in having his equipment for music and announcing available to us. Aunt Miguela express her gratitude in how the family came to us in our need for support and honoring her great grandson Tyler S Ledezma at the Bandits game and at Sunday’s baseball game.

Peter Sierra will check on a location for the family trivia night in March, please start gathering some donations for door prizes and Basket auctions.

Next meeting is Monday January 24th 2011 6:00pm at Carol Curtis house, 4008 Glendale Blvd Davenport IA 563-499-8798  

Stephanie motion to adjourn meeting seconded by Ramona.

Note:        Uncle Julien’s 86th birthday is February 16, 2011 his address is Bel-Wood Nursing Home  6701 – W Plank Road Peoria, Il 61604     309-697-4541

Keep this date open: Sierra Family Trivia night will be Saturday March 19th 2011 at the V.F.W. Hall in East Moline doors open at 5:00pm game starts 6:00pm. Please donate door prizes and Basket auction items. More information will be sent later. 

Minutes submitted by:                 Angela Molina                                                

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