Sierra Family Reunion Minutes – June 14 2010

Sierra Family Reunion Meeting                                                                                14June2010

Meeting was called on the 14th of June 2010, time 6:00pm at Carol Curtis house.

In attendance:  Miguela Molina, Angela Molina, Carol Curtis, Ramona Trout, Rachel Campos, Eydie Glackin, Merci Gomez, Ramona Reyes, Mark Reyes, Caroline Sierra, Mary Easter Sierra, Peter Sierra, Gilbert Sierra SR, Stephanie Dowell, Sally Sierra, NaDeen Sierra, Joseph Sierra

  1. Angela has had computer problems so May 2010 minutes were not available, Angela give a brief verbal summary of the minutes. Carol C. asked if summary of minutes be approved, all in attendance approved the summary.
  2. As of April 5th 2010 we have $2,074.47 in the Sierra Family Reunion bank account.
  3. Deadline to purchase River Bandits tickets is July 19th 2010 after that you will have to purchase tickets at the door at regular prices. Order your tickets and give money to your family representative. Unfortunately a singer was already booked to sing the National anthem but they will bring the microphone to our group to sing “Take me out to the ball game” we can have Rosario (Chayo) lead us. At the July 19th meeting we will take the names of the adults and children of family members going to the game and pull out of the basket two adults and two children to participate in the games done by the Bandits officials.
  4. It was voted to have the family oldest veteran throw the first ball out. Our oldest veteran is Uncle Julien. We don’t foresee him attending the game so next in line is Simon Sierra. If Uncle Julien does make it Simon can wheel him into the field.
  5. Doors open at Bandits game 5:00pm game starts at 6:00pm
  6. Four designs were shown for the family T-shirts. Number two design was voted in. We will have the option of having red shirts with white print or white shirts with red print. All shirts will be for $10.00 that’s for children and adults even the XL, recycle bags $5.00, koozies $2.50 and baseball hats $12.00. The Bandits are letting us use the Rascal logo. Angela will get some order forms out to family representatives. Deadline for orders and money is July 19th 2010.
  7. Family representative were given order forms for Bandits game along with a family address directory. This directory is to update any changes of addresses and phone numbers.  If you list a cell phone note if you have texting (0ptional) also if you have an e-mail address or change of e-mail address.
  8. Peter asked Gilbert if he was going to still be able to get two new official volleyball nets and balls. Gilbert responded that he was still purchasing the equipment.
  9. Angela mention the port -a-pot does not belong to the park it belongs to a rollie bollie league. Gilbert said he would check on a handicap port-a-pot.
  10. We still needed someone to transport the golf cart. Gilbert said he would.
  11. Angela mentions possibly buying a page add in Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta booklet. It was voted by all to buy a half page at $50.00 and to use the T-shirt design. Carol will get check from Geri Garcia. Deadline June 30th.
  12. Deadline for the family quilt squares is June 25th, 2010 return them to your family representative so they can give them to Angela.
  13. Mark will have information on Golf tournament by July 19th 2010
  14. Angela asked if family members had a chance to read Eddie Sierra’s proposal on a family web-site. It was approved by all but for one recommendation that Eddie attends the family meetings.  Angela said she would contact Eddie to see when he would be in town and maybe meet with some of the family members. Right now we will have Joseph, Eddie, Carol and myself as writers for the web-site after the reunion we will decide who else to designate to be a writer. All agreed that the web-site is only for family information. Our goal in re-establishing the family web-site is not only as a source of family information but as a tool to show our love and positive support for out family.
  15. Angela and Carol wanted to make clear that money used from the family account is used in purchasing for meals at the family meeting.
  16. Angela and Carol also wanted remind the family that there will only be four family masses through the year. Reason our family was taken up to many slots in the calendar year. Eydie recommended that these masses be on week-ends so that working family members would be able to attend. This recommendation was approved by all. Our first mass is August 7th 2010 at Our Lady of Guadalupe time 4:00pm. Aunt Miguela would like to have a mass said at San Miquel in the church her parents attended. Rachel and Ramon said they could ask cousin Andrea. Although it may not be at the church in San Miquel.
  17. Rachel and Ramona give information on Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta. It will be held Friday July 9th 5-9 and Saturday July 10th 5-12.
  18. Renee and Jeff Valenzuela will be having a Quincernera on July 31st at Our Lady of Guadalupe church at 3:30pm reception following at the church hall. All family is invited.
  19. Some ideas mention is having family portrait display, pie contest, try-out in singing national anthem(Modern Woodman holds audition for singers) and a continues lighted candle. Following will be discussed at next meeting.

Family Representatives:

Cruz Sierra – Lori Foleno

Emanuel Sierra – Joseph Sierra

Louis Sierra – Ramona Trout

Amador Sierra – Peter Sierra

John Sierra  – Caroline Sierra

Camille Sierra – Merci Gomez

Miguela Molina – Angela Molina

Julien Sierra – Mary Kay Sierra

Family Tasks for Reunion:

Amador: set up clean up volleyball

Reyes: golf, horseshoe, volleyball bracket

Trout: Kid’s game – piñatas

Emanuel: Raffles, 50/50 sat

SanJuana: Lunch set up

Cruz; Sunday judge, clean-up

Camille: Kitchen aide sat

Reyes: clean set up for breakfast

Garcia: Toni corner

Every family: clean up

Minutes submitted by:          Angela Molina

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